ICD Brookfield Place Dubai The Sublime Nature of Being – exclusively at ICD Brookfield Place


The Sublime Nature of Being – exclusively at ICD Brookfield Place

31 December 2021

On January 23, 2022, we’ll be hosting an incredible multi-sensory group art exhibition called ‘The Sublime Nature Of Being’, curated and produced by Dubai local Ambika Hinduja Macker. Hosted in our very own Summer Garden and open to everyone, the must-see exhibition brings together ten award-winning and internationally renowned artists under one roof, all of whose work is connected by the guiding philosophy of ‘discovering beauty in simplicity’.

We’ve always believed that the very best workplaces are those that aim to be more than that. Quite contrary to the seemingly unwritten rule that these environments should be devoid of character and soul, we aim to create a space that inspires everyone who visits through art and culture. If we can do this while also supporting the local arts and culture scene, then even better.

Ambika, who received the AD100 ‘House of the Year’ Excellence Award in 2019, is renowned for creating ethereal and multi-sensory environments that celebrate and pay tribute to the natural worlds. The artists she’s selected also share similar inspirations, and yet their work is excitedly and wildly different from one another. When combined into ‘The Sublime Nature of Being’, the result is not to be missed – a one-of-a-kind immersive experience that includes three-dimensional installations, sound and scent experiences, and works that challenge our perceptions of time and space, light and shadow, elemental materials and fluid forms.

We’re incredibly excited to have Ambika exhibiting at ICD Brookfield Place, and we wanted to find out how she was feeling in the run-up to the big day. “I’m very excited to launch my first exhibition on a prestigious public platform at the ICD Brookfield Place in Dubai, the city I now call home. I’m looking forward to the audience stepping into the space and being transported into a utopian sanctuary of tranquility and beauty,” she said. “I am continuously inspired by the exquisite quality and inventiveness showcased in this dynamic city. It attracts such a diverse and cosmopolitan audience from all over the world, art collectors and art lovers in particular, which is why it’s such an honour to create and curate in Dubai.”

As for the artists involved, there’s a range of incredible talents across several disciplines: Nadim Karam, Lebanese sculptor, painter and artist; Jacob Hashimoto, American contemporary artist; Fred Eerdekens, Belgian sculptor and visual contemporary artist; Mathieu Lethanneur, French designer and artist; Hadieh Shafie, Iranian visual artist; Rowan Mersh, English multimedia sculptor; Xavier Lust, Belgian furniture designer and sculptor; Janaina Mello Landini, Brazilian contemporary artist; Michelle McKinney, English contemporary artist and Satya Hinduja, Indian composer, sound artist and producer. To have all of their work under one roof is a rare opportunity.

We’ll be hosting ‘The Sublime Nature of Being’ in our Summer Garden from January 23rd to February 27th 2022, so dont miss out on this incredible immersive exhibition. It’s bound to be an enthralling way to kick off the new year, and another welcome cultural addition to ICD Brookfield Place.

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