ICD Brookfield Place Dubai Introducing Generascope – the latest addition to ICD Brookfield Place Arts


Introducing Generascope – the latest addition to ICD Brookfield Place Arts

28 February 2022

As part of our ever-evolving ICD Brookfield Place Arts program (you can find out a bit more about that below), we’re delighted to announce our next upcoming exhibition – Generascope by Jason Seife.

A multifaceted master of drawing, painting and graphic art, we’re absolutely delighted to be hosting Seife’s work at ICD Brookfield Place. Generascope is a truly special, first-of-its-kind exhibition that brings together both the physical and digital worlds by merging hand-painted images – which hark back to the beautifully intricate patterns of old Persian rugs and carpets – with a reflection algorithm created in collaboration with developer Andrew Cassetti. This offers exciting new perspectives on Seife’s work and blurs the boundaries between how we interpret analog and digital art.

The inspiration behind Generascope stems from Jason’s interest and research into NFTs, or ‘non-fungible tokens’, which have recently taken the art world by storm. The reflection algorithm creates uniquely-generated interpretations of Seife’s work, which are then put up for auction as NFTs for fans and art lovers alike. The exhibition itself will feature large-scale digital animations of these unique artworks, as well as a selection of Jason’s own paintings and more.

Seife’s website sheds a bit more light on his background and influences. “The inspiration for Seife’s work is based around the notion that we can reinvent the past using modern day materials and compositions, allowing the excellence of an old craft to be admired by a younger generation. Seife was inspired by both his own Middle Eastern heritage and the complex artistic practice of Persian rug weaving. The original designs are laden with hidden meaning and language; the weavers were able to link each rug's particular pattern, palette, and style with a specific and identifiable geographic area or community.”

Be sure to check out Generascope at ICD Brookfield Place from 4th March, where it will be running until April 3rd. Alongside the exhibition, we would love to see you at the activations we are hosting which include an artist led screen printing workshop on 6th March and an explorative conversation on encoded tapestries with Jason Seife, Mohamed Maktabi and Nadine Khalil on 8th March. Register and learn more about our program through our Instagram!

More about ICD Brookfield Place Arts program

The ICD Brookfield Place Arts program serves multiple purposes. First and foremost, it’s an opportunity for us to discover and support local and regional talent, shining a light on both emerging artists as well as more established talents through our year-round programming. No matter what time of year you come to ICD Brookfield Place, there will always be something exciting to see, whether it’s an art exhibition, live music concert or workshops and conversations around the biggest trends of the day.

Secondly, it also serves as a source of inspiration and creativity for our tenants. Arts and culture has always been a foundational pillar for Brookfield Properties globally, and the program reflects this. We want it to be at the heart of our operations, championing the potential of arts and culture to enrich, inform and transform lives – not just those of our tenants, but also the Dubai community and our global partners.